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On the World Hearing Day The European Federation of Parents of Hearing-Impaired Children invites you to the public presentation of FEPEDA Research Findings from the  Questionnaire to Investigate the Needs of Families of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children across Europe, 2020-2021.

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In the context of this pandemic situation, the European Federation of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children (FEPEDA) is aware that deaf and hard-of-hearing people are facing multiple barriers and calls European, national, regional and local authorities to assure their rights, recognised by UN CRPD:

Right to information: Persons with a hearing disability has the right to access to information simultaneously to the rest of the population. Official information must include subtitling and sign language interpretation.

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World Hearing Day 2020 Hearing for life: Don’t let hearing loss limit you

(Helsinki, 3.3.2020) The European Federation of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children (FEPEDA), the largest platform representing families of deaf people in the European Union, is endorsing the World Hearing Day campaign, launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Under the motto chosen by the WHO, Hearing for Life: Don’t let hearing loss limit you, FEPEDA wants to remind that thousands of children are born with a hearing loss every year, in the European Union. 

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