The organisation has undertaken various activities, some of which are:

  • Rehabilitation of the hearing ability and speech – the association aids individual rehabilitation of children and young people, by supporting the development of various resource medical offices throughout the country. With this it aims to improve the integration process – giving the chance to children with hearing imparities to attend any kinder garden, schoolor higher level institution.
  • Supporting the study process – due to the specifics of the imparity, children need additional support when studying the basic general subjects.
  • Acquisition of books and student textbooks – on a yearly basis the organisation aids students with the acquisition of textbooks, while it also supports orphans from the specialized schools for children with hearing imparities. Resources are also being allocated for the acquisition of findings and upgrading the resource base of the medical offices in Sofia and throughout the country.
  • Extracurricular activities – the extracurricular activities organized by the association are being scheduled and tuned in with the wishes, time-tables, ages and areas of residence of the children and young people from the organisation. ARDUS organizes computer studies and English language activities, drawing with the aid of a computer, theatre and sport, modern and traditional folklore dance lessons.
  • Professional development – the association organizes various courses in licensed study centers aiming at further professional development of young people – e.g. hairdressing, make-up and manicure and courses on web design. The graduates from these courses have the opportunity to continue practicing professionally in the area of their studies.
  • Rehabilitation camps – summer and winter rehabilitation camps are being organized. Each camp focuses on rehabilitation of children with hearing imparities, by focusing on various different topics – friendship and love, contraception and sexual health, first aid, role-playing and psychological games, financial games, etc. On these camps parents have the chance to meet and exchange experience and information in regard to the socialization of their children.
  • Educational seminars and conferences – these are organized on a yearly basis. The association organizes educational seminars targeting specific fields and topics. During the past year, parent seminars were organized on the topics of ‘A Learning Organisation’, ‘Planning and organisation of time’ and ‘Possibilities for financing and developing projects’.
  • Specialized literature – the association publishes specialized literature in cooperation with “Library for the parent”, as well as various information flyers. This is seen as a suitable way of informing the parents on the education of their children as well as on the activities of the organisation.

Integration activities

Course: Web Design

Course: Web Design
Course: Web design with elements of graphic design
Tutor: Anna Yakimova

Summer\'2010 Rehabilitation, games

Summer’2010: Rehabilitation, games and more….

Hot summer days are long gone. Memories of the rehabilitation summer camps organized by ARDUS every year have stayed in the hearts and souls of children with impaired hearing.

“The Monument” 22/06/2010

On the 22/06/2010, the play “The Monument”, written by Plamen Glogov, was presented at the Youth Theatre “Plamen Binev”, exclusively for charitable purposes.

International activities

Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children

  • participates in international projects: SIGNAEUROPA I, II, III and IV.
  • implements projects with foreign participation
  • is a successful partner of the Irish association of parents of hearing impaired children


Internship in Ireland