Developing skills for interactive help among parents of hearing impaired children aiming at reducing the social isolation

Leading organization: APHIC

The project is financed by Civil Society Development Foundation

Partner: Vazrazhdane Center

Duration: 12 months

Location: Sofia

Description of the project

The project was implemented with great enthusiasm and willingness by the APHIC, as it was its first project. The initially set objectives and tasks were implemented and extended to maximum. The team, working under the project, took into account the willingness of all participants.

The work was divided into 3 sectors/directions:

  • Work with parents – workshops, trainings, work meetings.
  • Work with children – developing the abilities of the children.
  • Social work- charity concerts and food supplies.

Participants in the project were families with children at different age studying in public and specialized schools. The interest was great. The topics discussed during the workshops were up to date, interesting and useful. The lecturers were carefully selected. The people appreciated the opportunity to share experience and make new friends.

Participants in the concerts performed on the occasion of the International day of hearing impaired people and the International day of disabled people were children from all schools, our friends from the Centre for work with children, as well as famous people: politicians and people from the show business. All the money collected, was given to orphans.

The work with the children was implemented thanks to the support and the willingness of the teachers from Vazrazhdane Centre. Art classes, as well as theatre classes поставиха едно добро начало. The exhibition of children’s work was an indicator, that we have taken the right route.

The best achievement during this period is the pantomime group created by way of a joke and awarded with 4 gold medals only for 6 months work.

Training materials and food supplies were provided for the children from the specialized schools, as well as for the children from the other schools.