Workshops on music- and play- therapy

Leading organization APHIC

The project is financed by Open Society Foundation

Duration: 12 months

Location: Sofia

Description of the project

The project draws the APHIC closer to the European and World practice on family therapy. The play therapy is a small step to compensate the consequences of deafness regardless the fact that the child uses a hearing device or cochlear implant. Workshops were carried out with secondary school teachers, music teachers, parents and all sympathizing people concerning the possibilities which reveal different play therapy approaches, concerning their impact on the results of the deafness. Ideas were exchanged concerning the therapeutical impact of the games on children with different disabilities.

 The project ended in December. A workshop-a concert was carried out. The results achieved during the courses were presented. They were much higher than the expected ones. The children sang and recited. They shared their knowledge on the pantomime and karate as well they undoubtedly proved that the world of the music is not only for normal people, there is always a place for hearing impaired children.