Extracurricular School activities –alternative way of providing access of hearing impaired people to an integrated educational environment

Leading organization: APHIC

The project is financed by Open Society Foundation

Location: Sofia

Duration: 8 months

Description of the project

Main activities included in this project are- Computer training, Arts and English language. The experience of the Association shows that the training courses organized on various topics are of great interest to the hearing impaired children. The facts confirm that much more children than initially expected took part in the classes/courses.

 Computer training –It provides possibilities for career development and communication of the hearing impaired young people. It is organized in modules –Computer literacy, Word, Excel, AUTOCAD, Internet, web page creation. All these activities were welcomed with great interest by the young people. Sound knowledge and skills were obtained/attained during these courses.

  Art – It is not a secret that this activity requires observation and it is a trait of the hearing impaired people. The activities included in the project aim at developing the skills of children, preparing them for competitions in the Art schools.

 English language – It is the language used for computer software and Internet .Nowadays, English language is essential for browsing the web, correspondence and communications.

 The result of this project is the APHIC‘s hall provided for computer training, equipped with four computers, a modem, a scanner and a printer. This web page is also one of the results of the project.