Additional essential skills training in order to facilitate the employment of the hearing impaired people on the labor market – BUKVAR

Leading organization: APHIC

The project is financed by the Agency for people with disabilities.

Duration: 6 months

Location: Sofia

Description of the project

The main objective of the project was the“social capacity”, adaptability and the labor mobility of the hearing impaired people to be increased in alternative area of the labor market, where a need for administrative competence and intellectual labor exist by means of training, rehabilitation and motivation.

The outcome of the training within the project was increase of their knowledge in English, which is an essential key element for each vacant job position. The organized courses gave advantages to the beneficiaries, as during the courses special attention was paid to the speech rehabilitation. In this way a better speaking skill in English was developed. The latter shall be considered as a great contribution of the project with a possibility of being multiplied, as the main part of such courses is taught through non-adaptive system, without any consultation with specialized pedagogue and /or rehabilitator.