Alternative methods for rehabilitation of hearing impaired children with cochlear implants – Leave me on the sky

Leading organization: Viva integrative kinder theatre, Vienna and Sofia Municipality

Partner: APHIC

The project is financed by Sofia Municipality and the following organizations:

  • SIEMENS Ltd.
  • ANKA

The realization of the project is supported by:

  • The Austrian social attaché in Bulgaria- Mr. Oliver Hiller;
  • National Student house;
  • Nikolai Binev theatre.

Duration: 11 months

Location: Sofia

Description of the project

Within the project 22 children aged 8-15, living in Sofia, took part in the preparation of a play. The play was performed four times on the stage of “Nikolay Binev” theatre in October. ”Stanislavski’s system is used while working with children. It combines pedagogical and actors’ skills, as the hearing capacity could be developed thanks to the music, rhythm and special training. Attention is paid to the speech techniques. Actors, speech therapists, musicians, specialized pedagogues and choreographers work with the children, professionals, who are able to develop the techniques of speech.

The project aims at applying new approaches in the process of rehabilitation of hearing impaired children with cochlear implants with a view of their easier social integration. The main idea is the children to be taught to speak first (without using the sign language), to communicate, to acquire useful habits and skills, to be able to take responsibility, to be encouraged in self-confidence as all other citizens and to be noticed by the society. The project also aims at changing the social adjustment to the targeted group as well as to increase the possibilities for the adaptation/integration of the hearing impaired children.