The Beauty of Difference – a project financed by the Erasmus + Programme

The subject of the project „The Beauty of Difference„ is an opportunity for self-expression and exploration of new cultures, social inclusion and active participation of young hearing-impaired people into society. The main topic is human rights, social inclusion, and social dialog as a fundamental of European values. The project is an international exchange, which will involve 32 youth with hearing impairment from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland and Romania aged between 16 and ’30. Each group will have a leader guide and sign language interpreter fluent in English, who will support the process of communication between the four groups. The exchange is scheduled for the end of September 2018 and will be hosted at Tsarevo Municipality, BulgariaThe main topics that young people from five countries will discuss are European and local policy for disabled people, good practices, the role and value of education and social competencies, advocacy. The training part of the program will be based on the principle

дата: 2018-10-23