The Beauty of Difference

The main objective of this project, The Beauty of Difference, is to raise the issue of equality, human rights and social inclusion of people with disabilities through the implementation of international youth exchanges of related non-governmental organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the participation of 42 young people with hearing impairment. Through the project activities, we will increase both the opportunities for the social
inclusion of hearing impaired young people and create the prerequisites for developing their personal capital and will contribute to changing the public attitudes towards people with disabilities. The project has been prepared in accordance with the priorities of the Program and in particular to enhance the competencies and inclusion of disadvantaged young people, to encourage active participation and to introduce the prerequisites leading to the social exclusion of disadvantaged people, to strengthen the relations between organizations with a similar profile, as well as creating opportunities for enhanced cooperation, dialogue and support among young people with permanent disabilities. Our organization’s mission is to implement adequate policies for hearing impaired youth and to offer innovative and workable solutions to various issues. One of the serious challenges for our organization is to work to change public attitudes towards hearing impaired youths and the formation of educational patterns in their hearing peers. The activities developed under the project will enable young people to travel, get to know new cultures, discuss their specific problems and opportunities to overcome them, create new contacts. In addition, all activities are tailored to their specific needs.
The main learning outcomes that will be generated as a result of young people’s participation in the project activities are enhanced key competencies and in particular
• raising personal awareness of equality and human rights issues
• Increased self-confidence
• increased intercultural and inter-religious awareness
• active participation in society and strengthening the international capacities of organizations
• Increased awareness of Bulgarian culture as part of EU values
In particular, the participants will acquire knowledge of European social policies, share experiences and personal experiences, learn more about advocacy, learn about cultural heritage, customs and traditions of partner countries.