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Hear me! Campain

А campaign in support of the hearing impaired people.

We, the Parents Association of Hearing Impaired Children (APHIC), are united in the mission of helping our children, family members or our friends with hearing problems to find their rightful place in society. The path we walked alone showed us that it is an honour and our mission to be different, and not least, it is mutually shared.

Motivated by our 20 years of experience, we are initiating the information campaign „Listen to me“ to support the project „It depends on you! Equal opportunities and social inclusion for hearing impaired people“.

The Campaign Listen to me! is implemented to support the hearing impaired people. Our aim is to show in a fun way the most common myths about hearing impaired people and their world. The campaign is part of the project „It depends on you! Equal opportunities and social inclusion for hearing impaired people“, implemented with the financial support of the Operational Programme „Human Resources Development“, and co-financed by the European Social Fund, European Union.

Why should you listen to us? Because in communication the prime desire is to be understood, to understand the people with whom we communicate and to share experiences, thoughts and ideas. Because the language of communication has never been an obstacle, and simply talking hasn’t been sharing. Because the only thing that people with impaired hearing can’t do is to hear …

How to participate? Contact our support centres and give a job to a person with impaired hearing. We will provide you with consultants supporting the activities, with an appropriate social program covering the costs of pay, with the selection procedure of an employee who you expect to hire.

Support Centre Sofia
Str. Denkoglu 12-14, 5th floor
02 987 26 46

Support Centre Plovdiv
Grand Mall, Kapitan Raycho 56
+359 32/ 26 09 58
Make a job offer or share the banner.

The current campaign has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Social Fund. The Parents Association of Hearing Impaired Children is fully responsible has for the content of this document and under any circumstances it can not be regarded as the official position of the European Union and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.