Integrated training of hearing impaired children in public schools

Leading organization: APHIC

The project is financed by Rehabilitation and social integration Foundation

Duration: 12 months

Location: Sofia


Description of the project

The main objective of the project is to create an environment for real integration of the hearing impaired children in the public schools through generalizing the positive practices  to date, introducing new approaches, ways and methods. The teamwork has an essential role –  the integrity between a specialized pedagogue, a teacher from the school  ,where the child is being trained ,parents and a psychologist. The efforts of all these people are necessary for the successful integration of the hearing impaired children. The individual program for each child is based on his/her abilities, personal characteristics, ambitions. It is the bases for measuring the project results.

 Participants in the project are children from different schools in Sofia. An office for rehabilitation is established at 151 secondary school. The school is a partner of the project. The Management of the school sympathizes to the children having hearing anomalies. A specialized pedagogue was appointed for first time in the school. The innovative pedagogic approaches used in the school are also one of the reasons for enrolling more and more hearing impaired children, as well as the integrated education to continue to date.

Publications, which authors are teachers, as well as publications useful for teachers themselves are included within the project. Meetings were held between pedagogues teaching hearing impaired children and specialists for first time. The interest was too high-pedagogues had their questions, as well as they shared their knowledge with the specialists. Unanimity was demonstrated regarding the main problems and issues related to the integrated training. During the educational process, different activities/courses were organized-arts, ceramics, wood-carving, computers; theatre etc. The objective is the children to get an idea about the different jobs as well as to enrich their vocabulary. These kinds of activities were welcomed with great interest and some of them continued during next projects of the association.

The success of the pantomime group formed during the project is of great importance- It was awarded with 4 gold medals during the 3rd National Festival of Pantomime for hearing impaired young people. The results achieved during the project were summarized in three brochures entitled ”Integrated training”, as well as two informational bulletins.