Early rehabilitation of children with anomalies in the hearing capacity

Leading organization: APHIC

The project is financed by Open Society Foundation

Duration: 12 months

Location: Sofia

Description of the project

Children aged 0-1, having anomalies in the hearing were not subject of any treatment.  The delayed diagnose of the anomaly is the reason for the delays in the rehabilitation process. A few tests have to be carried out until the disability could be diagnosed. The brochure “Pre-diagnosed play therapy” will be very useful for all children having a problem discovered in their early age. After diagnosing “surditas” the brochure “Play- therapy for hearing impaired children” will give an opportunity to the parents not to waste the time to get the child into a specialized institution, as well as to involve themselves in the corrective educational process, instead of wasting time in trying to find the right treatment.

Aim of the Project: The aim of the project is to unite the efforts of mikropediatri, passing pediatricians, audiologist,parents and specialists for early diagnose of hearing anomaly. The project also aims at diagnosing the anomaly in due time and starting the rehabilitation process at an early stage.

Project Results:

  • A conference was held ‘Preventive measures for compensation of the consequences of the hearing anomaly”. Pediatrists, audiologists, pedagogues, parents and specialists from different Bulgarian institutions participated in the conference.
  • A brochure comprising game instructions for children needed special care in their early stage was issued. It includes two parts: the first one is for children aged 0-2 ,the second one is for children aged 2-5. The brochure is entitled “Pre-diagnostics play- therapy”.
  • A brochure entitled “Play- therapy for hearing impaired children “ was also issued. It includes various games for постановка of the sounds at home.
  • 24 articles were published; programmes were broadcasted on TV and radio.

The project publicity covered all FEPEDA countries, where project materials were published.